How to get weed in San Francisco as a tourist

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How to Buy Weed in San Francisco as a Tourist

Rules and regulations governing cannabis businesses and general consumption vary from one state to another. If you are visiting San Francisco and need marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, here is how to get it.

Buying weed in Los Angeles is like buying beer. California is a state that has become iconic for stoners since the passing of Prop 64.

People from neighboring states and other countries visit San Francisco to discover its history. Part of that history is actively participating in cannabis-related activities. Most of these activities are as old as the city itself.

Come With Cash and ID

Visiting a dispensary in San Francisco is similar to visiting a liquor store. However, there is more security in cannabis dispensaries than in liquor stores because you have to be above 21 years to access the premises.

Individuals under 21 years can access liquor stores but cannot make any purchases. So bring your identification if you want to get weed.

Note that dispensaries in SF only allow cash transactions, so no cards or other forms of payments are allowed. This is because most credit unions and banks do not allow cannabis-related deposits on their statements.

Also, note that, despite weed being legal by state law, it is still federally illegal. For that case, because weed is a schedule 1 drug, banks that were to accept cannabis deposits could have been shut down by the federal government.

Are There Limits?

According to Prop 64, adults can legally purchase and possess up to 8 grams of concentrate or one ounce of dry herbs. You’re also able to buy edibles in San Francisco. The cream soda strain has been one of the most trendings weed strain in San Francisco so far, where to buy cream soda strain?

Possession in this case also includes having contact with the weed. For example, if it is your drawer or in your car, you own that weed. It is essential to be cautious and calculate the amount of weed you are carrying in the pocket.

Expectations at the Dispensary

Typically, there are excellent deals for first-time patients in dispensaries. It is usually a small percentage of the first purchase you make. You can also get a free gram of pre-roll. Bigger and renowned dispensaries have security at the door checking for IDs or information for the first time.

With smaller dispensaries, the same process takes place but in a different manner. The person serving at the window carries out ID verification, which is similar to filling a consent form. Dispensaries may differ in terms of logistics but are likely to find one you will love and build a good relationship with the budtender.

In most dispensaries, what you will get behind the glasses may be overwhelming to the extent you want to buy everything. Take it easy and allow your budtender to guide you in making the right decisions. Ask questions, and they will gladly answer you in a friendly and honest way.

Understanding a Few Things May Helps

Like it is a custom for tourists, you will surely learn some new things about San Francisco. You may also want to explore some famous places and try everyday activities.

For stoners, chances are they will look for the best weed-selling dispensaries in the area. Budtenders will always ask what you are looking for if you have problems stating precisely what you want. Are you interested in concentrates, edibles, or dried flowers? Are you looking for something relaxing, and how is your mood? Are you planning to travel or stay around? How do you want to feel at the end? Those are some of the questions that budtenders may ask.

It is essential to understand what you are looking for. You can do some little research before diving into the world of weed. This may help you to have an idea of what you want. Move step by step before diving into complicated aspects of marijuana. Begin by understanding the difference between Indica and Sativa, THC and CBD, and so on before proceeding. Always feel free to question whenever you are not sure.

Have a Smart Mind

A saying that common sense is not common is valid to some extent. Make wise decisions when carrying weed around. After visiting a dispensary and making a purchase, it is essential to mind where you visit. You can leave the weed in your car, hotel room, or trunk instead of walking on the streets with it.

The rules are similar to those that apply to alcohol consumption in public places. Fortunately, weed comes in tightly and carefully packaged, smell-proof containers. So don’t be shy when you can’t open it correctly on that first attempt.

Where Can You Smoke Weed?

The eagerness to smoke whatever you bought should not push you into trouble. So, where can you go if you want to smoke weed in San Francisco? You can go hiking, cannabis cafes, and beaches that allow weed smoking but are away from crowds. It is also essential to consult about smoking rules in hotels and Airbnb.

Can You Carry it Home?

In this case, it will depend on where your home is. Is weed legal in your home state? If it is legal, you may be lucky to fly with some weed from San Francisco. If you are complying with the state law, California airport police will not arrest you. However, you may have trouble with TSA because they operate under federal law. They are likely to open criminal charges against you or ask you to dispose of it.

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